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Can’t-Do Culture

Excellent piece by Ben Horowitz on culture within larger organizations: Can-Do vs. Can’t-Do Culture “As a venture capitalist, people often ask me why big companies have trouble innovating while small companies seem to be able to do it so easily. My answer is generally unexpected.

Responsive Ads

Mobile Safari, the primary browser on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has a few major issues when it comes to displaying iframes properly. The biggest is that Mobile Safari completely ignores any height declarations set on an iframe.

A room with a view – The New York Times Magazine’s photography special

Design director Gail Bichler talks through the process of creating an issue full of ‘visual journeys’ and, in using Alec Soth’s self-portrait taken from inside his room in the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo, making one of the best magazine covers of the year The work of six photographers – Al

Eclipse of Rainbow

Brief: Design of a luminous body with Led light technology, emphasizing on the elements of light and shadow Product Description: Source of inspiration was Nature, specifically the eclipse phenomenon and the analysis of light in the seven colors that the rainbow consists of, was the main idea that

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